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There is a greater chance that credit card fraud will occur off of the internet than on-line.

Every year you hear about how somebody has stolen credit card numbers from ATM machines or some kind of store fraud. If we are not directly affected by these, then we just shrug it off and say “I’m glad that it didn’t happen to me”, but we still continue to go out and use our credit cards in spite of all the scams which occur every year. The banks will verify that credit card use is still very high.

You have no doubt heard of the various breakdowns in security of some internet web sites where credit card numbers have been stolen. “That’s why”, you say, “I’ll never use my credit card on the internet.”

Have you noticed that none of these web sites are from banks? That’s because they take internet security serious. At ProCheck Sports, SO DO WE!

Many web sites store their credit card numbers in a database on the internet. Well that’s a NO NO! By storing credit card numbers on the internet, thieves have all the time in the world to try and crack the code and when they do, bingo, they are rewarded with thousands of credit card numbers. This is how many numbers are stolen on the internet.

Some web sites are not as secure as they advertise. How does the consumer know who is secure and who is not? Here is an explanation of how security is handled at ProCheck Sports.


WEB Security (Ordering by credit card)

Many years ago, web browser makers realized that if commerce were ever to become serious business on the Internet, they would have to address security concerns as well. The major browsers, FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer, have included secure socket layer (SSL) technology since their 3.0 versions, and many other browsers such as Opera do as well.

The SSL technology implemented at ProCheck Sports uses an electronic identity certificate, for which e-commerce merchants apply through a certificate service called DigiCert . The certificate acts as a “signature” to verify that a secure web server is from the company it claims to be. Customers’ names, addresses,and credit card numbers are processed by complex mathematical encryption algorithms to ensure that only the authorized server to which they are connected can decode the information.

You can tell when you are making a secure web transaction by the web address, which is preceded by https:// instead of just http://, and by the appearance of a solid key or closed padlock icon in the lower corner or URL of your browser window. The “strong encryption” versions of the major web browsers are so secure, in fact, that the United States government classifies their encryption technology as a munition, like guns and explosives, and restricts the strong-encryption browsers from being exported outside the U.S.A. and Canada.

Orders and inquiries through ProCheck Sports will be protected by industry-strength SHA1 + RSA encryption. DigiCert converts your data into virtually impenetrable code using data encryption up to 256 bits. The certificates also use the most secure encryption available and support both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms. DigiCert upholds the highest standard for key sizes and a hybrid cryptosystem that utilizes the best of both asymmetric and symmetric encryption.

When ordering you will notice the padlock change to closed status when you reach the Order Form - Invoice Page. As you continue through the Order Form process our web certificate can be verified. To view our electronic certificate, simply double-click on the solid key or closed padlock icon.

Paying by PayPal

Many people are more comfortable when paying by PayPal. When you place your order, choose PayPal as the payment option. You will be taken to the PayPal website where you can sign into your account to make the payment.

Ordering by Cheque, Money Order

If we still have not convinced you to use your credit card, no problem. The Order Screen enables you to state that you want to pay by cheque or money order. Cheques and money orders are payable to ProCheck Sports. You will receive an email informing you to send cheque or money order along with other important information. Please note that there is a 7 business day waiting period for cheques to clear before any order is shipped.