• J.R.R Tolkkien's Lord of the Rings Board Game
Experience a journey through J.R.R Tolkkien's classic novel! Your task is to stop the Dark Lord Sauron from winning back a magic ring, which Frodo Baggins has inherited, and which Sauron will use to forever enslave the land. Journet to the Middle Earth, taking on the challenges of four of the most hazardous regions of the land - Moria, Helms Deep, Shelob's Lair and Mordor - to destroy the ring in the volcanic fires of Mount Doom. Join Frodo and the Fellowship on their perilous adventure across Middle Earth, and use your skill and fortune to guide you. Immerse yourself in the world of .... LORD of the RINGS! Included In this Package: * Gameboard * Playing pieces and game cards Features: * Ages 12 to Adult * For 2 to 5 players

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J.R.R Tolkkien's Lord of the Rings Board Game

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